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Grammaropolis looks like a great resource for students of all ages.

I love that it enables teachers to address the varied learning styles of their students while incorporating an innovative approach to grammar. It’s also perfect for parents who want to help their children with their homework but need a refresher course.

The awesome little characters provide students with effective ways to visualise the parts of speech and to identify sentence structures.

What is included in the package?

  • One year subscription at edu.grammaropolis.com
  • Tracking for up to 35 students
  • Individual student logins
  • 8 different parts of speech
  • 20 animated shorts
  • 9 animated music videos
  • 26 different quiz categories
  • 9 illustrated books

Only after a couple of smaller Grammaropolis resources? Click on the photos below.


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I’m now on Pinterest if anyone is interested. Lots of PD and heaps more ideas which I haven’t posted on here. I thought it might be easier for you to save them all in one place.
Please note, it is my personal account. You’ll find food ideas and fitness ideas. Please ignore what doesn’t interest you.

Tremendous Tangrams – Freebies Included – Update #2

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As a relief teacher, I have the luxury of having art as a last lesson a lot! I LOVE art. As a full time classroom teacher, I understand the annoyance of non educational “shhh and colour” colouring pages handed out by relief teachers who have agreed to plan an art lesson. I’m not talking about Zentangles or Maths colouring but normal colouring in pages that aren’t related to the curriculum. I’d rather plan the lesson myself and know that it meets an outcome or is linked to a subject other than art to create a cross connection.

My favourite activity at the moment is tangram art. There are so many designs and things you can do. I give the kids a template. This one http://www.tangram-channel.com/tangrams-to-cut-out/reversible-tangram-free-template/ from tangram-channel.com is great.

Once you’ve given the kids a template to cut out (if they’re older, they might be able to create their own or trace plastic pieces), you’ll need some examples. I’ve found a few resources for you.

These tangram cards from Tangram Channel look great.

These Tangrams & Pattern Cards from Learning Advantage allow you to cCompose various figures with this set of colorfully illustrated pattern cards and tangrams. “At a basic level students can analyze, identify, compare, and sort the different shapes based on their attributes. Beautifully illustrated cards. Included tangram pieces complete the set!”


The five Totally Tangrams books below are my personal favourite of the resources I’ve found for you. Glue & Ink have released three different designs!

Animals! Halloween Fun! Gobble Gobble – Thanksgiving Tangrams Winter Tangrams Christmas Tangramsglue--ink_coverchristmastangramstt5glueandink_1e24.pngglue___ink_covertotallytangrams4winterwonderlandeducentsthumbnails_e71c.png or download the whole bundle here while it’s on special.

Cash strapped and don’t mind black and white? Check out http://www.fun-stuff-to-do.com/tangrams.html for some freebies.

The Activity Village http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/tangrams website have all the info you need to introduce the idea of tangrams to your class and a few sheets to print and copy. I never knew the background story behind tangrams!

Do yourself a favour and check this out –  http://www.didatticarte.it/Blog/?p=397&lang=en – THE WORLD MAP!

This peel and stick maths set also looks great. It’s on special for a limited time too.


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Guest Post: Times Tales by Celena from The Travelling Sisterhood

Update: Save unto 25% when using the codes bliss or givejoy on your entire purchase!


I had heard so many amazing reviews of Times Tales from other educators that I really started to wonder about it.  I was hearing things like, “My children learned their upper times tables in an  hour” and I heard stories of teens who had learned the times tables this way in school and still remembered them by remembering the stories. When I had the chance to review it, I jumped at the chance!  I was curious when I first put the DVD on to watch it with my kiddos.  The method is simply stories that provide students with a “memory peg” allowing them to quickly recall otherwise abstract facts.  The stories aren’t exciting and they’re only a couple sentences long each, things like:
After each story, the video shows how it translates into math problems. This one means 7 x 4 = 28.  Not sure how we arrived at that?  Just wait and see!  After the stories, there are flash card reminders and timed reviews during which you pause the video to tell the story.
During the beginning of the DVD, you learn the characters, each of which symbolizes a number.  For example, Mrs. Week is the number 7.  A chair is the number 4.  A treehouse is the number 9.  And so on.  As we watched, I wondered if it was really working.
It’s worth noting that Times Tales only goes through the 3,4,6,7,8, and 9 multiplication facts, but these are the ones it’s hardest to remember.  It doesn’t cover 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10 which wasn’t a problem for us as those are the super easy ones.  The program also comes with bonus division problems which is definitely a plus!  I really love that it comes with so many printables–24 pages total–including a dice game for each part, 4 written tests (2 with picture helps; 2 without), flashcards, and crossword puzzles.
The DVD is broken into Parts 1 and 2.  On the first day, we watched Part 1, did the printable crossword puzzles, and then took the first quiz.  My 9 and 10 year olds scored 100%! The next day, we watched Part 2, played the dice game that came with the DVD, and then took the quiz with picture helps.  Once again, 100%.  The following day, I had the kiddos take the quiz above.  Again, 100%!  I was so impressed I can’t even tell you! Below, you can see my kiddos playing the dice game. This is after watching the video one time.  Sometimes they have the math facts memorized even when they don’t remember exactly how the story goes but they definitely know the answers!
There are a variety of ways you could use Times Tables:
  • In a homeschool setting, like we did.
  • After school with kiddos who are having trouble memorizing their times tables (I really wish we’d had this when I was a kid!)
  • For kiddos with learning disabilities.  There are so many succeess stories of this working for kids when other programs have failed.
  • In an elementary school classroom.  I can’t even imagine how many less papers my 5th grade teacher would have had to grade!  We did multiplication drills every single day during our 2nd semester!  This really beats that.

I think it’s important to point out that the purpose of Times Tales is to teach memorization.  Children still need to understand the concept of multiplication–the fact that 7×4=28 means 7 groups of 4 equals 28 needs to be understood. I actually taught my kiddos this using Lego bricks (bookmark the lesson plan here).  They loved it and it worked! It was the perfect combination along with the Times Tales video.  This is one product worth buying!  It’s so amazing, but if you need more than just my recommendation, head to Amazon and read all the raving reviews… but do not buy the DVD there–it costs too much with them.
Times Tales is $10 less from Educents!

Where to Buy It
You can purchase Times Tales on Educents at 33% off which is $19.99 from Educents.  This price is even $10 lower than Amazon’s and you get free shipping with the code APPLECIDER16 through 9/30. Or get the downloadable version for $13 with the coupon code CJ10! Comes with all the same videos and printables including quizzes, worksheets, and a dice game.
*Celena’s post contains affiliate links

Christmas Activities 101

*This post contains affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission if you happen to purchase a subscription after clicking on my links. I only share things I’d have shared anyway.

I’ve put together a list of the best free (and cheapest) Christmas activities and ideas I’ve found so far.

These colouring advent calendars from activityvillage.co.uk look great for a parent funded activity or an end of year teacher-student gift. They look absolutely brilliant!

This how to make video of a cardboard Christmas tree would make a cool maths activity for shape and measurement. Kids could make their own miniature tree out of green cardboard! 🌲

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 9.43.40 pm.png

This Christmas Math Pack for 4th Grade from The Naturally Creative Classroom has designed the cutest little Christmas package with Year 4’s in mind. It’s perfect for the last week of school.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 9.44.43 pm.png

Resource Ranch’s Christmas Writing Center is adorable. I love that students draw a character, setting, and problem card as a starting point for their writing.


This French Christmas Color by Number from Llanguage Llamas looks perfect for French teachers and relief teachers.


Looking for something a little more simple? EducentsHoliday Coloring Book & Activities have you covered.


This CHRISTmas Fun Bundle from Creative Learning Connection is down to $3 from $35 for a limited time.


Christmas Knock-Knock Jokes FREE – EBOOK from Knowledge Box Central is awesome and these Christmas Coloring & Writing Prompts FREE – EBOOK from Knowledge Box Central are super cute too.


These Christmas Thank You Cards from Sallie Borrink – Living and Learning Outside the Box would be perfect for school kids who have parents and volunteers they need to say a special thank you to.


I love this little Christmas Sentence Scramble printable from Sallie Borrink – Living and Learning Outside the Box.


Kids love I have Who Has games. They’ll go nuts over this ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas- I Have Who Has {Freebie} from Created by MrHughes.

The Kids Activities Blog has put together a list of 70 free Christmas printables.

Make sure you check out my Christmas art and craft blog post and these two posts Christmas crafts and Christmas crafts for kids before you head off.

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Healthy Eating Resources and Ideas

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With all the media hype, changes to daily recommendations and a million cook books and blog posts, it can be hard teaching kids to eat healthy and to make positive choices. I’m trying to quit processed sugar for personal reasons.

I didn’t take it too far with my school kids. I simply taught my what a few key words meant e.g. processed and how to determine how many teaspoons of sugar (divide grams of sugar by 4.2) were in their chosen snacks. It linked directly with our Kitchen Garden and a unit of work I had planned that linked to a spread of areas throughout the curriculum.

I want to make it clear, I never once shamed a child for what they were eating. Most of the time, they would come and tell me that their snack had 3-4 teaspoons but it was marketed as a health snack. All I wanted to do was create awareness and encourage fruit and veggies over processed foods.

Again, with no food shaming, I’m super careful to highlight the importance of balance. I believe that kids need sugar and energy to burn. I just feel like they need the knowledge of what they are choosing to eat before chucking things in the trolley. Kids can’t always dictate what their parents bring home from the shops, so I’ve never made a child feel bad about their choices. I just like to encourage fruit over lollies and home made muffins using honey over store packaged mud cake etc.

I found the following things and ideas super helpful!

I used Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar cookbooks and website to help define terms with my children through class brainstorms and discussions. Pete Evans also has some good ideas for substituting.

We had lots of discussions about portion sizes and healthier swaps e.g. switching

  • soft drink for a combination of soda water and fruit juice
  • lollies for dried fruit
  • chips for oven baked pita bread sprinkled with parmesan
  • chips for rice crackers
  • milkshakes made with ice-cream for smoothies made with frozen banana

I created my own version of this healthy eating play set as there was nothing available to purchase online at the time.healthy_eating.jpg

I spent hours printing, cutting and laminating games just like this. Designed to help kids categorise foods and create healthy and balanced meals, this handy little set has taken all the hard prep work out! I had my kids to design their plate and record it by drawing their meals on paper plates.

Definitely head over to healthy-kids.com.au and check out their list of resources. So many handy things in one place.

Oz Harvest is brillant. Definitely a great classroom discussion generator.

This website from Nutrition Australia is packed full of resources, including the food pyramid.

I’m a HUGE believer in Jamie’s Food Revolution. I feel that all kids should have the skill sand knowledge they need to create healthy and delicious meals. I was lucky enough to be able to base my healthy eating unit on Jamie’s Greenhouse when he teamed up with Woolworths and released the stickers. You can download a free app which showcases Jamie’s recipes here.

Lunchbox Solutions and The Lunchbox Revolution provide an interactive selection of recipes and ideas which are perfect for generating discussions about food choices in class.

Looking for printable resources? Check these out




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Gift Guide for Builders

*This post contains affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission if you happen to purchase a subscription after clicking on my links. I only share things I’d have shared anyway.

Kids love building. In free play, I always find that the first tables to fill up and maybe even become a little heated are the hands on tables. Think tangrams, marble runs, building blocks and magnetic connector kits.

Finding the right selection of toys for a classroom and even for presents can be a struggle. I thought I was smart ordering my Christmas presents online back in September. I needed to save money and wanted to be as organised as possible. I now can’t remember where I’ve put them. What a goose!

I’ve pulled together a one-stop shop filled with meaningful gifts for the tinkerers in your life and or classroom. The architecture course looks brilliant for a cheap PD option.



Tiny builders, start here!

These soft tactile blocks are great for truly little littles to learn on. Made of natural rubber foam, they are squishy but perfect for building.  They’re colorful and durable and fit together easily. Children can create a variety of shapes and structures!

Using imagination and coordination, young children work on spatial, fine and gross motor skills. For kids who need sensory input, the tactile stimulation provided by this toy is fantastic.

And while we’re thinking about giving, it’s also important to think about responsible buying. This is a green product, made in India at a fair trade factory using premium quality, child-safe materials. The surface is 100% nylon and wipes clean, making it perfect for little chewers!

“My husband is quite the handyman. I purchased these for my son (and a different set for my daughter), to encourage their interest in making/building things and in fixing things. So far, I have a new a bird feeder and a bat house. Yah!” ~ Gail R – Teacher

Magformers Challenger Set


The unmatched magnetic building set. Talk about STEAM!

Perfect for large families and ambitious builders, the Challenger set encourages kids to explore magnetic construction through modular play. Magformers believes it is vital for children to develop through creativity and constructional play. This set does not disappoint.

You’ll find a variety of magnetic shapes in this set, both Rainbow and XL cruiser pieces so that children can design and build ideas from both lines including the ‘magic ball’ and super fast XL roadster.

This set makes a great addition to a math or art curriculum, that’s super hands – on. Children of all ages can build and create together making it a great social gift set.

Tegu Blocks: 40-Piece Magnetic Wooden Set


Building blocks 2.0!

Tegu blocks are finely crafted  with magnets embedded so kids can build multiple structures form various shapes. Like Rubbablox,Tegu is made from eco-friendly material (in this case wood) and comes in a variety of color schemes to suit preference and mood. Honduras and named after the capital city Tegucigalpa.

Kids defy gravity and push their imagination in previously unseen ways. No instruction manuals or electronics; just toys that demand imagination and inspire limitless creativity across all ages.

Tegu Blocks are bringing back open, creative play with style – right in time!

This makes a great gift because it unlocks a child’s mind through innovative play. The pieces are small enough to be portable.

“I believe this is an AMAZING product. Something amazing happens when kids use their hands and imagination to create.” ~ Harvey S

“Bought these for my 6 year old grandson for Christmas and we now call his creations ‘the work of a City Planner.’ The different shapes and structures take on the look of city skylines with random items like trees, bridges, etc. Geometry was never so much fun.” ~Deborah F – Homeschooler, Teacher

“My first reaction was “these are pricey!” but they were highly recommended to me so I gave it a go. Now I can tell they will be loved for years. My 3 year old loves stacking them and clicking them together and a part. I even have fun playing with these and I’m an adult. They are high quality and the colors are great. ~ Summer H – Homeschooler, Parent, Teacher

 The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book


Packed with step-by-step instructions for 15 charming builds, The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book is the perfect family activity this holiday season! It’s one part coffee table for adults, and two parts instruction book kids of all ages. 

With The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book as their guide, kids make classic globe and barrel ornaments, all out of LEGO! Other possible creations include original gingerbread houses, a merry Santa, arcade cabinets, and so much more!

This makes a perfect gift for the child who already owns tons of LEGO blocks but is always looking for inspirational building ideas.

Magformers Math Activity Set


Math comes to life with this awesome set! 

Put some STEAM in your holiday plans! This math activity set stimulates learning through magnetic construction and creation. Activities in the set utilize the always attracting magnets to solve math problems such as patterns, addition and subtraction, and 2D nets to 3D structures.

Perfect for the visual-spatial learner who loves math puzzles.

Use the 50 page math book included to layout Magformers shapes and complete the mathematical challenges! The set contains 12 different geometric shapes including squares and triangles, rectangles and trapezoids through to the super squares and triangles.

Mechanical Masterminds

Tool Set 10-Piece Child Size


Realistic building for young builders! This set makes a great gift for children who love to help parents and grandparents in the workshop.

Encourage children to spend valuable imagination time learning new skills with this 10-piece set tool set. It includes screwdrivers, hammer, handsaw, bar clamp, file, tape measure, ruler, safety goggles, and tool belt.

Work and play are intertwined with building activities that are challenging, educational, and – most importantly, fun! The tool designs are authentic so children can make-believe they are true woodworkers.

Toobeez Building 57 Piece Connector Settoobeez-building-57-piece-connector-set-lr1474-1460408785-7373-3088

Ages 7 to 10

Build big connections! Kids work together to literally make bridges, obstacle courses – anything they imagine.

Start fun-filled construction with just three simple steps: connect, twist, and create. Toobeez Original Building Kit is a life-sized construction toy. Unlike regular blocks, this kit comes with interlocking tubes and spheres that can be linked to create structures right out of kids’ imagination. They can construct anything from a doll house, a helicopter, lemonade stand or a pirate ship.

Just connect and twist the tube into the connector spheres. It’s a great set to be used indoors for forts as well as outdoors for lawn activities.

This set makes a lasting gift because it promotes creativity and inspires imagination with unlimited building possibilities. Adults won’t be able to resist creating with their kids!


14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit


The 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot kit is the recipient of the “Best Green Products Award 2013” from Dr Toy and Creative Child Magazine has anointed it with “Top Toy of the Year Award” and “Kids Product of the Year Award.”

It’s the coolest and greenest robot on the planet!

This robot can be transformed into 14 different robot modes which include a multitude of comical and functional movements. The user can easily change from a Wagging-Tail Dog to Running Beetle to Walking Crab to Surfer to Speedster to Zombie Chaser!

It’s super versatile, too – there are parts that make the robot move on land and water. Like an amphibian!This a great gift for more advanced robot aficionados.

“Excellent resource for my Middle School STEAM students. Anything robotic is extremely appealing and interesting to them so this was a big set!!! Great resource, highly recommend it.” ~ Faith B., Teacher

“We purchased this for our just-turned-9 year old’s birthday. He loves it! It’s a nice size and there are so many things you can do with it! It comes with about 200 pieces and a thick instruction manual on how to make 14 different bots. Of course, the limit is your imagination and I’m excited to see how many things my son can come up with!” ~ Celena M

“Fun and educational. I like the snap together concept and the ability to take apart and reassemble multiple times. A very good price for all that you get.” ~ Martha M

Magformers Walking Robot Set


Build a 3D bot! This makes a creative and thinking gift for the child fascinated by robots.

Young innovators will click, connect, and create with the NEW Magformers 45 piece Walking Robot set! Kids will love following along with the step-by-step idea booklet to discover the possibilities of the colorful Walking Robot Set. Eight walking characters are built using the STEAM engine block and walking accessories!

Building with Magformers encourages children to use their imagination and show their creativity while developing skills and knowledge critical to their development success. Magformers uses high quality “always attracting” magnetic technology that provides endless constructional play.

Mand Labs KIT-1: The Coolest DIY Kit for Fun Learning in Electronics


An electrifying gift! This kit is perfect for the budding electrician looking to be stimulated by simple but intriguing experiments.

Mand Labs KIT-1 is one of the coolest Educational Electronics Kit that you will ever find. With their powerful step by step visual instructions, teens can create a variety of fascinating electricity and electronic projects. They will be able to understand how real world electronic component works, test laws of physics, gain technical skills and have fun. Watch out, Nobel!

The best part is that the kit is all-in-one. It comes with all requisite parts and tools for making 50+ projects and venturing further into electronics, books for theoretical reference, learning and making videos, troubleshooting guide, and an award winning package design that opens up into a personalized workstation. Note: This is a safe kit.


Beginning Architecture eCourse 1-3


Audio visual meets real world building. 

This is an online e-course of Beginning Architecture with 25+ architecture lessons providing the early fundamentals of structures, home design, and zoo design.

Kids use things laying around the house like paper, popsicle sticks, straws, paper plates, and pipe cleaners along with learned methods to design their own homes! Each lesson concentrates on designing and personalizing a specific room of their homes, structures or zoos. By the end of the course, students will have designed a home specific to their personal tastes and will have built various designs.

This course provides more specific architectural challenges for students who are interested in playing with and learning about architecture and some interior design, making it a great holiday gift!

Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress


Teens will have a blast learning how to make their own website with the help of this fun, illustrated introduction to the basics of website-building. Mix creativity with real world empowerment.  The awesome cartoon guide will help teens learn the basics and pretty soon, they’ll have a website all their own to show off to all their friends.

Readers learn how to use HTML tags, make their own site shine with CSS, customize WordPress to fit their needs, and choose a company to host the site. They also get advice on things like how to pick a good domain name – and those of you in the blogging sphere know that’s no joke!

Help kids stop dreaming of their perfect website and start making it!


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Top Educational iTunes Apps (Australia)

*This post contains affiliate links which means I will earn a small commission if you happen to purchase a subscription after clicking on my links. I only share things I’d have shared anyway.


These apps are the best teaching apps I’ve found so far on iTunes®. I use them at school and during tutoring sessions. You’ll need to click on the buttons to open the links. Each link will take you to the iPad® or iPhone® download.

MATHS ROCKX – If you’re going to buy one maths app, make it this one. Kids love singing their times tables along to the tune of well known songs. This app is worth every single cent of the $15. We all know how critical times table recognition and recall is. I cannot recommend the iPad and iPhone apps enough.

TIMES TABLES QUIZ – This iPhone and iPad app is brilliant. I find that kids are more excited about times tables when technology is involved.

TEACHER RESCUE APP – The Teacher Rescue app is one of the first apps I actually paid for. I use it as a relief teacher and when on contract. It’s so helpful. I’d highly recommend it to every teacher, especially newbies. It’s a life saver! Download the iPhone only version here.

HOPSCOTCH (CODING) – I discovered these Learn to Code app and the Hopscotch for Schools App at Edutech. Be warned, it’s addictive. I spent hours and hours on Stick Ninja!Download the iPhone Learn to Code app here. Download the iPad Learn to Code app here and the Hopscotch for Schools app here.

JOLLY PHONICS – Used and loved by so many schools and students. These are well worth the upfront cost. I use mine all the time. Download the Jolly Phonics Letter SongsJolly Phonics Lessons and Jolly Phonics Letter SoundsJolly Phonics Letter SoundsJolly Phonics Songs and Jolly Phonics Lessons here. You’ll need to open the links to select which version you’re after.

FRACTION BASICS – The Fraction Basics apps are brilliant. The two versions allow you to use the app on both devices. Kids love apps and it helps to ‘hide’ learning at home. This is one I recommend to parents a lot.

5 DICE – An electronic dice game kids love. Download the iPhone and iPad versions.

DICE – No more dice rolling on tables during quiet time. I’m all for hands on activities. I love that these two iPhone and iPad apps provide a quiet option for fast finishers.

IDOCEO – iDoceo is brilliant. Think checklists, roll books, timetables, grades and planning. adduce has everything you need for planning in one handy app.

PIC COLLAGE -I love the  Pic Collage apps. Colour printing photos is expensive. Run them through the app and print from your iPad. I love how easy it is to print lots of pictures on a budget. iPhone and iPad versions available via the links.


DROPBOX – This one technically isn’t an educational app, but Dropbox app for your iPad and iPhone will become essential once you realise how easy it is to edit, save and upload/download while on the go. I use pages and sync everything together. I can create invoices on the run. I can’t live (business wise) without it.

SPELLING CITY – My school kids loved the Spelling City website. The iPhone and iPad apps look great too.

TEACHER KIT – Time management and activity management in one handy iPad and iPhone app.





ISTORYTIME – Library of Storybooks and Videos – iPad

TIMES TABLES – Adaptive Multiplication Flash Cards – iPad

THE SHINY SERIES – Shiny Bakery Shiny Circus Shiny Picnic and Shiny Party

PHONICS ISLAND – Phonics Island, Letter Sounds games & Alphabet Learning: Preschool Kids Reading and Phonics Island • Early Reading, Spelling & Tracing Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten Kids Learning Adventure Games by Abby Monkey® Alphabet and Letter Sounds Reader

OTHER PHONICS GAMES- Kids Phonics A-Z, Alphabet, Letter School Learning and Phonics Farm Preschool and Kindergarten Kids Learning Reading & Spelling Games. Learn to Read Letter Sounds & Fun Endless First and Sight Words by Abby Monkey® Toddler Alphabet Reader


Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

iTunes is for legal or rightholder-authorized copying only. Don’t steal music.

Post contains affiliate links. By clicking on links and downloading items, you hereby agree to indemnify all parties involved (excluding yourself) from any and all loss or damage.

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Movies & the Curriculum


I’m forever trying to keep up with student trends, as I’ve found kids are more excited about learning when it links to a movie or something they really like. I’ve put together a list of links of popular themes that will bring up loads of options which you can download. I’ve basically cut the search time down to half! This isn’t a very pretty blog post but it is well worth saving or subscribing to email updates so you’ll receive a notification whenever I add to the list. This post contains some affiliate links.

The Avengers



Alice in Wonderland










The Lorax



Charlotte’s Web



Percy Jackson





Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs



Dr Seuss







Finding Nemo & Finding Dory



Fantastic Mr Fox









Harry Potter






Inside Out



Jungle Book



Lilo and Stitch





Mickey Mouse



Monsters Inc









Paddington Bear



Peppa Pig



Peter Rabbit










Star Wars








The Chronicles of Narnia



The Spiderwick Chronicles


Toy Story





Winnie the Pooh



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Christmas Art Activities

I’ve taken all these photos over time. They’re either of things either a staff member has made and allowed me to share with the general public, that I’ve made with children or that the children have made. I do not own the ideas and do not claim to. This blog is intended for educational use only, with no copyright infringement intended.





947153_596578867028903_925983666_nThanks to Boost Juice for the super adorable snowman idea and photo.














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