Times Tables Mayhem!

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I’m constantly asked by parents and teachers how to help children with their times tables. These are the best times tables resources I’ve found so far! Download them and spread the times tables love.

Generate your own tests at timestables.me.uk

Head on over to http://www.timestables.me.uk/printable-pdf-quiz-generator.htm and create your own test!

Multiplication Times Tables Wall Cards/Posters/Small Booklet from The Way of Teacher’s Journey. 

I cannot recommend using a times tables chart like this one enough. I tell my students to pin them up in the bathroom, in their bedroom and on the back of the toilet door. They’re a captive audience in all of these locations and will spend ages reading them while in the bath and cleaning their teeth. I don’t need to go into detail about the toilet one. Sneaky learning at it’s best.


Multiplication Cootie Catchers from Super Teacher Worksheets

Kids absolutely adore these fortune teller/cootie catchers. I print them off for all the kids I teach. They’re their favourite thing to do. I love how excited they become when they see them. Sign up and download your copy – you won’t regret it!

Lord Voldemath

If your kids ate tech lovers, you HAVE to show them Lord Voldemath from mrnussbaum.com. It is THE COOLEST maths game ever. Think Harry Potter and mathematics. It’s hidden learning at it’s finest. I tutor a child who hates writing but loves games. He would happily play this for hours if I let him. Visit mrnussbaum to play. If you have trouble with the link, a Google search should do the trick.

Multiplication tables loop game from The Digital Stationer

Children of all ages seem to love loop games, more commonly known as I have, Who Has games. I love that these games get the whole class thinking at the same time. Kids need to be prepared for their number or answer to be called. Download your copy of the 36 card set here.


Math Flaps for Interactive Notebooks from the Not So Wimpy Teacher 

I found an interactive flap book on Fractions a while back. After the first one, my kids raved about it for weeks. I’ve found this brilliant like MULTI-CONCEPT package. Download your copy now!


Multiplication Uno

My Year 5 class were obsessed with Uno and maths games. I wish I had this little beauty from Teaching Momster when I had my first class. I’ve got it all set to go for my next contract. You can download it here. If you’re lucky, it’ll still be free or on sale!


Arctic Animals Math Bundle from The Multi Taskin Mom

This adorable little bundle is free. It’s full of worksheets that cover the four operations.


Martian Multiplication Game from S&S WorldWide

As much as I love making my own resources for a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, sometimes it just isn’t possible. This little package is brilliant for less than $20 (roughly $26 AUD). Save your time, energy and treat yourself (and the kids).


Tricks of the Trade

This is my FAVOURITE Tables Trick. It helps kids to double check their 9 times tables. I believe that as much they all need to know their times tables, little tricks are important. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety in tests when they’ve got accurate checking strategies and mechanisms. Watch the video here.

Free Games PDF

Download your free copy of the Mathematics Shed here.

Boxed Number Multiplication from multiplication.com


This is awesome and free!

Last Minute Worksheets

I’m not a worksheet fan but these worksheets from homeschoolmath.net have their benefits. I’ve added a pile to my fast finisher box.


Sign up to Educents and download a FREE bulk package of 78 fabulous items. Something EVERY teacher needs!


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