Top Educational iTunes Apps (Australia)

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These apps are the best teaching apps I’ve found so far on iTunes®. I use them at school and during tutoring sessions. You’ll need to click on the buttons to open the links. Each link will take you to the iPad® or iPhone® download.

MATHS ROCKX – If you’re going to buy one maths app, make it this one. Kids love singing their times tables along to the tune of well known songs. This app is worth every single cent of the $15. We all know how critical times table recognition and recall is. I cannot recommend the iPad and iPhone apps enough.

TIMES TABLES QUIZ – This iPhone and iPad app is brilliant. I find that kids are more excited about times tables when technology is involved.

TEACHER RESCUE APP – The Teacher Rescue app is one of the first apps I actually paid for. I use it as a relief teacher and when on contract. It’s so helpful. I’d highly recommend it to every teacher, especially newbies. It’s a life saver! Download the iPhone only version here.

HOPSCOTCH (CODING) – I discovered these Learn to Code app and the Hopscotch for Schools App at Edutech. Be warned, it’s addictive. I spent hours and hours on Stick Ninja!Download the iPhone Learn to Code app here. Download the iPad Learn to Code app here and the Hopscotch for Schools app here.

JOLLY PHONICS – Used and loved by so many schools and students. These are well worth the upfront cost. I use mine all the time. Download the Jolly Phonics Letter SongsJolly Phonics Lessons and Jolly Phonics Letter SoundsJolly Phonics Letter SoundsJolly Phonics Songs and Jolly Phonics Lessons here. You’ll need to open the links to select which version you’re after.

FRACTION BASICS – The Fraction Basics apps are brilliant. The two versions allow you to use the app on both devices. Kids love apps and it helps to ‘hide’ learning at home. This is one I recommend to parents a lot.

5 DICE – An electronic dice game kids love. Download the iPhone and iPad versions.

DICE – No more dice rolling on tables during quiet time. I’m all for hands on activities. I love that these two iPhone and iPad apps provide a quiet option for fast finishers.

IDOCEO – iDoceo is brilliant. Think checklists, roll books, timetables, grades and planning. adduce has everything you need for planning in one handy app.

PIC COLLAGE -I love the  Pic Collage apps. Colour printing photos is expensive. Run them through the app and print from your iPad. I love how easy it is to print lots of pictures on a budget. iPhone and iPad versions available via the links.


DROPBOX – This one technically isn’t an educational app, but Dropbox app for your iPad and iPhone will become essential once you realise how easy it is to edit, save and upload/download while on the go. I use pages and sync everything together. I can create invoices on the run. I can’t live (business wise) without it.

SPELLING CITY – My school kids loved the Spelling City website. The iPhone and iPad apps look great too.

TEACHER KIT – Time management and activity management in one handy iPad and iPhone app.





ISTORYTIME – Library of Storybooks and Videos – iPad

TIMES TABLES – Adaptive Multiplication Flash Cards – iPad

THE SHINY SERIES – Shiny Bakery Shiny Circus Shiny Picnic and Shiny Party

PHONICS ISLAND – Phonics Island, Letter Sounds games & Alphabet Learning: Preschool Kids Reading and Phonics Island • Early Reading, Spelling & Tracing Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten Kids Learning Adventure Games by Abby Monkey® Alphabet and Letter Sounds Reader

OTHER PHONICS GAMES- Kids Phonics A-Z, Alphabet, Letter School Learning and Phonics Farm Preschool and Kindergarten Kids Learning Reading & Spelling Games. Learn to Read Letter Sounds & Fun Endless First and Sight Words by Abby Monkey® Toddler Alphabet Reader


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Post contains affiliate links

Movies & the Curriculum


I’m forever trying to keep up with student trends, as I’ve found kids are more excited about learning when it links to a movie or something they really like. I’ve put together a list of links of popular themes that will bring up loads of options which you can download. I’ve basically cut the search time down to half! This isn’t a very pretty blog post but it is well worth saving or subscribing to email updates so you’ll receive a notification whenever I add to the list. This post contains some affiliate links.

The Avengers

Alice in Wonderland



The Lorax

Charlotte’s Web’s%20Web

Percy Jackson


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs

Dr Seuss


Finding Nemo & Finding Dory 

Fantastic Mr Fox



Harry Potter

Inside Out

Jungle Book 

Lilo and Stitch


Mickey Mouse

Monsters Inc



Paddington Bear

Peppa Pig

Peter Rabbit




Star Wars



The Chronicles of Narnia

The Spiderwick Chronicles 

Toy Story


Winnie the Pooh


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Times Tables Mayhem!

This post contains affiliate links

I’m constantly asked by parents and teachers how to help children with their times tables. These are the best times tables resources I’ve found so far! Download them and spread the times tables love.

Generate your own tests at

Head on over to and create your own test!

Multiplication Times Tables Wall Cards/Posters/Small Booklet from The Way of Teacher’s Journey. 

I cannot recommend using a times tables chart like this one enough. I tell my students to pin them up in the bathroom, in their bedroom and on the back of the toilet door. They’re a captive audience in all of these locations and will spend ages reading them while in the bath and cleaning their teeth. I don’t need to go into detail about the toilet one. Sneaky learning at it’s best.


Multiplication Cootie Catchers from Super Teacher Worksheets

Kids absolutely adore these fortune teller/cootie catchers. I print them off for all the kids I teach. They’re their favourite thing to do. I love how excited they become when they see them. Sign up and download your copy – you won’t regret it!

Lord Voldemath

If your kids ate tech lovers, you HAVE to show them Lord Voldemath from It is THE COOLEST maths game ever. Think Harry Potter and mathematics. It’s hidden learning at it’s finest. I tutor a child who hates writing but loves games. He would happily play this for hours if I let him. Visit mrnussbaum to play. If you have trouble with the link, a Google search should do the trick.

Multiplication tables loop game from The Digital Stationer

Children of all ages seem to love loop games, more commonly known as I have, Who Has games. I love that these games get the whole class thinking at the same time. Kids need to be prepared for their number or answer to be called. Download your copy of the 36 card set here.


Math Flaps for Interactive Notebooks from the Not So Wimpy Teacher 

I found an interactive flap book on Fractions a while back. After the first one, my kids raved about it for weeks. I’ve found this brilliant like MULTI-CONCEPT package. Download your copy now!


Multiplication Uno

My Year 5 class were obsessed with Uno and maths games. I wish I had this little beauty from Teaching Momster when I had my first class. I’ve got it all set to go for my next contract. You can download it here. If you’re lucky, it’ll still be free or on sale!


Arctic Animals Math Bundle from The Multi Taskin Mom

This adorable little bundle is free. It’s full of worksheets that cover the four operations.


Martian Multiplication Game from S&S WorldWide

As much as I love making my own resources for a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, sometimes it just isn’t possible. This little package is brilliant for less than $20 (roughly $26 AUD). Save your time, energy and treat yourself (and the kids).


Tricks of the Trade

This is my FAVOURITE Tables Trick. It helps kids to double check their 9 times tables. I believe that as much they all need to know their times tables, little tricks are important. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety in tests when they’ve got accurate checking strategies and mechanisms. Watch the video here.

Free Games PDF

Download your free copy of the Mathematics Shed here.

Boxed Number Multiplication from


This is awesome and free!

Last Minute Worksheets

I’m not a worksheet fan but these worksheets from have their benefits. I’ve added a pile to my fast finisher box.


Sign up to Educents and download a FREE bulk package of 78 fabulous items. Something EVERY teacher needs!


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Tremendous Tangrams – Freebies Included

As a relief teacher, I have the luxury of having art as a last lesson a lot! I LOVE art. As a full time classroom teacher, I understand the annoyance of non educational “shhh and colour” colouring pages handed out by relief teachers who have agreed to plan an art lesson. I’m not talking about Zentangles or Maths colouring but normal colouring in pages that aren’t related to the curriculum. I’d rather plan the lesson myself and know that it meets an outcome or is linked to a subject other than art to create a cross connection.

My favourite activity at the moment is tangram art. There are so many designs and things you can do. I give the kids a template. This one from is great.

Once you’ve given the kids a template to cut out (if they’re older, they might be able to create their own or trace plastic pieces), you’ll need some examples. I’ve found a few resources for you.

These tangram cards from Tangram Channel look great.

The three Totally Tangrams books below are my personal favourite of the resources I’ve found for you. Glue & Ink have released three different designs!

Animals! Halloween Fun! Gobble Gobble – Thanksgiving Tangrams

Cash strapped and don’t mind black and white? Check out for some freebies.

The Activity Village website have all the info you need to introduce the idea of tangrams to your class and a few sheets to print and copy. I never knew the background story behind tangrams!

Do yourself a favour and check this out – – THE WORLD MAP!

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