Classroom Management, Classroom Organisation & Behaviour Management Hacks

I’ve found these ideas handy. They’re all my photos but aren’t all my own original ideas.


I started the magic item clean up game with my kids. My classroom has never been so clean. It is hilarious to watch them run around looking for extra scraps of paper. I promised them scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers because they were doing such a great job. Got one of each scent. Surely I’m the coolest teacher ever! To play choose a new piece of rubbish each pack up and give the child who picks it up a sticker. They go nuts looking for the magic item!


I picked up this little baby for $15 from Kmart and created name cards for my superstar of the day behaviour recognition system.


I started my Positive Post Box with my first class. I’ve found a new box and had an idea to update the idea behind it.

Originally kids would leave little positive notes for each other or write something good about their day to share with the class. It didn’t take off. We were too busy.

I’ve decided to print little kindness cards and positive notes for the kids to write a note on the back to say thank you to a friend or to recognise a class mate doing the right thing, trying really hard, having a positive outlook or for helping each other out. I feel like it fit in with our school focus on growth mindsets.


This is my peace and quiet necklace. I trained my last class not to interrupt unless it was an emergency if I was wearing my necklace. It worked like a charm. I was genuinely surprised as they’d interrupt constantly during reading sessions and while I was trying to test kids who had missed things the week before.

Other people have said they use glasses, hats, yard duty vests, headbands with ears or antennas, hats and capes.


I found a stack of name letters from old pencil cases. I’m cutting them up so my kids can make their spelling words out of them. Saves money on colour printing!

14590350_10154679660207269_7903027721457073529_n.jpgI keep a calm down box in my classroom to help kids to chill out during moments of stress.


Paint chip cards make brilliant flash cards – no cutting and or laminating required!

11041045_10153443183737269_2959327380373135540_n.jpgQuite possibly my smartest ever move. Double the laminating in half the time.


Add a little colour to IKEA magazine holders. I’m pretty impressed with how the colours turned out. I store my books according to category in labelled magazine holders.


Classroom game balls all set to go for Monday!


Inspiration wall from my very first classroom. Dreams really do come true! I was totally onto the growth mindset idea before it was a thing!


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