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Teaching writing can be a challenge as it can be tricky to capture the attention of your children and maintain it for more than five minutes before they start having an eraser race, throwing little balls of paper or flicking loom bands across the room with a ruler. I’ve been there and done that. I banned them in the end. I’m so mean!

I’ve put together a list of the best creative writing resources and writing prompts I could find. Some cost money and some are free. Make sure you check them all out before deciding.

GIANT WRITE EVERY DAY  by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers looks fabulous. I love the poem on the front cover. It will definitely be my next purchase.


My Year 5 class loved my 10 Things cards. Unfortunately I can’t share the cards I made but I’ll give you a few ideas that you can use in class. I’d use these topics for handwriting. We would have to write in full sentences and include reasons why.

Eg. 10 things in Hogwarts

  • A wand for casting spells on Professor Snape
  • A dog chew to distract Fluffy
  • An invisibility cloak to sneak around Hogwarts castle at night time

My kids loved writing about Harry Potter, Spongebob, superheroes, things in my handbag (that was a laugh!), things the principal does each day and the worst and best breakfast ideas we could think of.


This Creative Writing Prompts Worksheet from Super Easy Story Telling is gold. I don’t have a picture, but click here and check it out.

I also like this 60 page bundle from Teaching Reading Made Easy. It’s super cheap to buy too and will save you hours of work.


Kids adore anything electronic and or interactive. My favourite online one so far from Scholastic can be found here.


I also love Rory’s Story cubes. Check out the website –  They’re so easy to use!


 This little freebie on opinion writing from Sherry Clements looks great. Head on over here to check it out.


Apparently my internet and hyperlinks aren’t cooperating today. Just copy and paste these in if you want to check them out. Also, excuse the dodgy photos. Today is NOT my day.


TUMBLR have some amazing ones too! (Sorry, the link wouldn’t work). They’re awesome and free to view.

This little superhero writing prompt is adorable.

180 FREE prompts!

365 Prompts that aren’t what you’d expect

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