Things I Wasn’t Always Aware of as A Teacher! 

Some things to check out if you don’t know the answers. None of the following is to be taken as legal advice. I’m simply sharing a few things I never knew about. 

P.s I’m in no way financially affiliated with any of the products listed below. Especially Kmart. I just happen to have an addiction to their shop. I probably should be employed by their promotions department with the amount of money I spend there and the business I send them. 

 Open toed shoes. I found these gems but I’m investigating if I’m allowed to wear them to work or whether it’s a wear at your own risk situation. Work cover may or may not cover you.

  Coffee cups with lids for child safety. It’s apparently now law where I’m from! I think it always has been but it has been advertised again.

  Check with your union whether you’re allowed a second job. Our Department want to know about all employment even if you’re working as a TRT. Turns out there is even a seperate form for it. Apparently declaring it under current employment with an online application isn’t actually telling them. 

  Check before the cha ching. You may just end up with more than you bargained for. IP rights cover more than you’d imagine, even if you’re a relief teacher and make it in your own, unpaid time. 

A few more handy ideas… 

  $3 Kmart baby formula containers hold 4 protein shakes. Easy breakfast or lunch on the run when you’re exhausted and forget to bring your own.  
 Have a box of games you only pull out during crazy weather. There is nothing worse than being trapped inside when it is scorching hot or raining. Pull this one out and you’re set with some new activities. Perfect when teamed with a movie or episode of Where’s Wally (YouTube) on the IWB. 

 I’m so excited. I’ve decided to treat myself to the most beautiful teacher planner for next term. The best bit, Erin is holding a sale at the moment! If you sign up using this link, we will both score $10 to use in the online store. 

These planners are absolutely perfect for home school parent teachers and school teachers. I was talking to a high school teacher who uses the Lifeplanner as her teacher planner. There really is something for everyone!

I’m in love with her coloured pages, stickers and storage pockets. I think I’ve got a new addiction already. I’d take a photo but my planner is the post and on the way over to me!

 6 Pack Fitness make THE BEST lunch boxes. My stuff stays cold for 12 hours in the middle of summer. Worth every cent. 

  $1 at Kmart! These 8 in 1 merit stamps are the bomb. 
  $5 Cheap as Chips baskets stack together for storage or stack up as shelves. Perfect for pillows and lost property jumpers. They’re also not a danger hazard as they don’t weigh much.
  This stuff is great for injuries. Best thing is is that it doesn’t smell and you can spray yourself. I can never reach my back. 
Please excuse the screen shots and dark images. I wanted to share the following ideas but decided I’d save some time with some screenshots instead of retyping everything. I need my beauty sleep so I don’t scare off the kids tomorrow! 🙊



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