Tremendous Tangrams – Freebies Included

As a relief teacher, I have the luxury of having art as a last lesson a lot! I LOVE art. As a full time classroom teacher, I understand the annoyance of non educational “shhh and colour” colouring pages handed out by relief teachers who have agreed to plan an art lesson. I’m not talking about Zentangles or Maths colouring but normal colouring in pages that aren’t related to the curriculum. I’d rather plan the lesson myself and know that it meets an outcome or is linked to a subject other than art to create a cross connection.

My favourite activity at the moment is tangram art. There are so many designs and things you can do. I give the kids a template. This one from is great.

Once you’ve given the kids a template to cut out (if they’re older, they might be able to create their own or trace plastic pieces), you’ll need some examples. I’ve found a few resources for you.

These tangram cards from Tangram Channel look great.

The three Totally Tangrams books below are my personal favourite of the resources I’ve found for you. Glue & Ink have released three different designs!

Animals! Halloween Fun! Gobble Gobble – Thanksgiving Tangrams

Cash strapped and don’t mind black and white? Check out for some freebies.

The Activity Village website have all the info you need to introduce the idea of tangrams to your class and a few sheets to print and copy. I never knew the background story behind tangrams!

Do yourself a favour and check this out – – THE WORLD MAP!

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