Easter Mania

Teaching about Easter can be difficult. I work in public schools and I never know how much to teach or how in depth to go. I believe it is important to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the true meaning of Easter (with parent permission of course). I’ve found these resources that will come in handy for this week and for next year.

 The Story of Easter Coloring Book (e-book) from WriteBonnieRose is a great freebie for teaching children about the meaning of Easter.

 This little gem is an all in one Easter Activity Book from Knowledge Box Central. At just $5 it is the perfect bargain. It comes full of colouring pages, maths sheets, bingo games and recipes.

 These adorable little board games from Sweet Integrations are completely free! http://www.educents.com/easter-board-games.html#251015 (You’ll need to copy and paste the link. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t link properly. Sorry!)


 My kids love a good dad joke or pun. I’d love to do a joke before each break and at the end of the day. These  are too good for less than $2!

  I love Alexis Sanchez’s adorable little Carrot Roll game. I’ll find it hard to go past it at just $1. So cute!


 This all in one Easter Math Counting book is the perfect download for less than $2. Perfect for fast finishers or an Easter activity. You could even turn the maths colouring pages into Easter cards.

  This resource could be the best $2 you’ve ever spent. Download your copy of the 2nd & 3rd Grade Problem Solving: Easter Bunny Edition  from Pawsitively Teaching.

 I love tying themes in with sight words. My kids seem to play them all year round, even when Easter and Christmas are over. Check out this little bargain from Learning Ahoy. Grab your copy of OH PEEP!

If you’re after art and craft activities, head on over to my other non affiliate post over here!

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