Educents Freebies #1

I spent SO much money on stuff for my last contract. I also saved hundreds thanks to Educents and their fabulous daily deals. Make sure you check out these freebies. They’re not FREE for long though, so make sure you hurry! Head on over and sign up for free at Educents even if you’re not ready to purchase or download. I promise it is worth it!

I’ve found the following amazing freebies which I’ve used in all my classes and relief teaching over the last two years. I’m sure they’ll see me through this year too.

My Year 5 class were obsessed with Uno and maths games. I wish I had this little beauty from Teaching Momster when I had my first class. I’ve got it all set to go for my next contract. You can download it here.

My Year 2 class were obsessed with Frozen. These maths and letter sheets from Frugal Homeschool Family were their favourite fast finishers activity.

I was constantly battling the kids to proof read their work. I found this little gem and printed it. They were obsessed with using their magnifying glasses to check their work. Thank you Confessions of a Teaching Junkie! It takes a fair bit of patience to cut these out (if you want perfect cuts) or you can let the kids do it. I did. They loved it and I only had to repair a few accidental snips here and there.

I also found these Educents superhero handwriting sheets super handy.

This Educents freebie package worth $78 is one of the best things I’ve downloaded. There’s something there to suit absolutely everyone. Make sure you download it for future use, even if you don’t need it right now. I haven’t included a photo as I want you to head over and check it out.

I’ve found these geometry cards from Bright Concepts 4 Teachers so handy for my relief teaching bag. Download your copy here.


***Affiliate links have been used in this post***


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