Sound, Blends, Sight Word, Spelling and Number Games and Contract Activities

Running a small tutoring business, I’ve always got parents asking me for ideas on how they can help their child to learn the order of the alphabet, their letter sounds and blends, sight words, spelling words and numbers. All these ideas could be adapted to suit any of the learning needs mentioned above.

I’ve created this list which would also be perfect to use in a classroom as homework or a spelling program.

Squish The Bug

I saw this game while on placement. I believe the idea come from the Midow Magic 100 List Guide. It is NOT my idea and I don’t claim it to be. I let students try and read/say their word. If they get it right, they get to squish the bug with a thong or fly swat. I’ve also done clothes which they peg on a line and a bbq where they turn the meat over.


Magnetic Letters

I picked this little gem up on my local buy and sell page. I use it for a range of things from playing eye spy looking for letters or numbers to making words and times tables.


Repurposed Connect Four

My kids love making their spelling and sight words using Connect Four counters which are covered with sticky dots with letters on them. You can also buy Link Words which has the same idea behind it.


Word Dominos

So simple but yet effective. I picked up a set of blank business cards. It saves heaps of time cutting up paper and laminating. They last ages as they’re strong cardboard too.


Guess Who?

I saw this idea online ages ago. The kids love playing it during our tutoring sessions. I can change the paper as we need to. Works a treat and makes them think before they ask questions.


Magic Water Painting

Paint is great except for the mess. Water is perfect as the kids feel like they’re painting but don’t make a mess. I love this for learning sounds, numbers and words.


Get typing!


Dough Words

Make words out of dough or use an old pen to write the letters in the dough. So many possibilities.


Colouring In

My kids love colouring in. I get them to read the word, cover it, say it, spell it and then colour it in while saying each letter.


Scrabble Words

Pretty straight forward really!


Puppet Play

Act out a play using spelling or sight words.


Popstick Letter Match

Matching up lowercase and uppercase letters. I made these using Kmart stickers and coloured popsticks. A permanent texta would do the same thing.


Letter Jumble

Today I wrote out a child’s spelling words down the left hand side of her page. On the right hand side, I wrote them out again but jumbled them up. She loved linking the jumbled and unjumbled words together. We used a whiteboard marker and placed the sheet inside a plastic sleeve which means she can use it again this week without me there.

Fortune Teller

We created a fortune teller and wrote sounds and numbers on the outside bits. The inside bits had her spelling words. When she landed on the word, she had to spell it out. We took turns at being the host and game contestant.


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